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In our guidebook you will find interesting facts about our products. Inform yourself about the extraordinary ingredients of the chemical, the disposal options and the health safety of our fire extinguishers. We also offer useful tips for fighting fires and for proper use of the extinguishing agent in an emergency.

How to properly extinguish a grease fire

The most dangerous thing that can occur in the kitchen, is a grease fire occurring in a skillet or deep fryer. Fat starts to burn at about 300 °C - and this happens all by itself. Once the frying fat...

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What are extinguishing agents made of?

Extinguishing agent must meet certain requirements in Germany. In conventional extinguishers either foam, powder, water, grease fire extinguishing agent or liquid carbon dioxide is used for extinguishing purposes depending on the application.Flammable substances are assigned different fire classifications according to...

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How to dispose of a fire extinguisher?

The service life of a fire extinguisher is limited for reasons of safety. At the latest, when the device is outdated or has been discharged, the question arises on how to dispose of the old fire extinguisher.Conventional fire extinguishers that...

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Are fire extinguishers toxic?

The question of whether the ingredients of fire extinguishers are poisonous, is a question many people want answered. It may even be this fear that discourages many to purchase a fire extinguisher. However, an all clear signal can be given...

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The ideal fire extinguisher for the kitchen

Temperatures can really heat up in the kitchen. One works with fat and gas and often attention is drawn away from the cooking because the phone rings or the children quarrel. If you then forget the pan with the oil...

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How to operate a fire extinguisher:

Every fire is a matter of urgency. The fire extinguisher is quickly located and taken out of its holder. So far so good. But do you also know how to operate it? In an emergency, you will not have time...

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The ideal fire extinguisher for the household

If you are considering to buy a fire extinguisher for your home, you can check here what to look out for. Old devices that have gathered dust in your basement possibly for years, you should rather dispose of correctly. Even...

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What does fire extinguisher foam consist of?

Foam fire extinguishers are suitable to extinguish fires in liquids and solids such as wood, paper or textile. (Class A and B) They are classified as universal extinguishers which everyone should have at home. Fire fighters also mostly use extinguishing...

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